While Cherries in Winter was flying out of bookstores (hopefully), I was home baking butter cookies to take with me when I do a little radio tour today. In the morning, I’ll be on the Gayle King Show on Oprah Radio on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio. Even though Gayle is very health-conscious, she has been known to allow herself the occasional treat (red velvet cupcakes are a favorite), so I’ll be bringing her some of Nana’s special butter cookies. I make these cookies so much, they’re like my business card. I know for a fact people are a lot more excited when I pass these around than when I try to give those little blue cards away.
After Gayle’s show, I’ll be hopping aboard the Acela–with a tin of cookies in hand–to Philadelphia, where I’ll be a guest on “A Chef’s Table” on WHYY-FM. This is a great show, and I’m really excited to be on it!
I’m hoping I’ll have enough time to visit Philly’s famous Reading Terminal Market, which is a mecca for food lovers. If I do, I’ll post photos and do a Foodie Field Trip report.
In the meantime, here are a few shots of the crazy cookie factory I’ve been running out of my kitchen.
Thanks for visiting, and see you again soon!

Butter cookie dough shaped...like sticks of butter. Hm.

Sometimes the cookie dough is so soft, it gets square from where it sat in the freezer, so I have to shape them back to round.

Cookie-shaped cookies
They're taking over--aaaaaaiiiiieeee!

The end result: cookie-shaped cookies everywhere.