A dear friend and I went to see Twilight: New Moon over the weekend. My husband, Nathan, and I usually Netflix movies because it’s so much cheaper, but he’s not that into Twilight and besides, my friend and I couldn’t wait for the DVD–we wanted to revert to our teenage girl selves immediately.

I’m a fan of the books, and I think the movie versions could be better. My friend and I agreed that New Moon was good fun anyway and that Jacob and his sixpack–er, wolf pack totally stole the show.

My husband gifted me with a special Crumbs cupcake called Love at First Bite, which was chocolate with a sweet cherry center oozing out of the middle. Oh, and a rather noticeable pair of fangs sitting on the icing, which was decorated with bat-shaped sprinkles. The cupcake lived up to its name, and Nathan and I gave it two thumbs up.