In my previous post, I wrote about OD-ing on turkey during the Thanksgiving holiday. While I was convalescing from my tryptophan-induced coma, I came across a great video from The Dr. Oz Show. It tells the story of Rocco, a cowboy who made my meat overdose sound like the food equivalent of “I didn’t inhale.”

Dr. Oz informed Rocco that he was diabetic and had the heart of an 85-year-old man. Rocco looked absolutely terrified, at which point I got tears in my eyes. (I’m a cryer, but this was really sad.) I found it very interesting that the first thing Dr. Oz did to help Rocco was to put the burger-loving cowboy on a month-long vegan diet. In other words, he asked Rocco to go cold turkey on meat. (Please forgive the pun; I couldn’t resist.)

Here’s Rocco on Dr. Oz:

After the initial month, during which Rocco lost an astounding 30 lbs. and many points off the numbers that indicated poor health and diabetes, Dr. Oz said Rocco could start incorporating tiny bits of meat again, more as a condiment than a main dish. Really interesting stuff.

A quick tour around Dr. Oz’s site also showed that the good doctor recommends that we cut out sugar and have more sex. I think this shows he truly has our best interests at heart, and in an effort to follow the doctor’s orders I will be making an attempt to put down cupcakes and pick up my husband.

Cupcakes are much yummier in moderation.