Hello fellow cookie lovers, and happy new year!

As any of you who have read Cherries in Winter or visit this blog know, butter cookies have been my business card for months now. I’ve made the cookies for people who’ve read the book, who have reviewed it, for people who might read or review or even think about looking at the book, the tireless folks at Doubleday who published the book… Oh, and a few friends and relatives, too.

Then kind strangers started sharing their cookie recipes with me, and visitors to this blog were treated to Cookie Month recipes all during December. Yes, living la vida cookie has been wonderful, but I confess: My pants are tight. The ones that still fit, that is.

One recent morning, when I rolled (quite literally) out of bed, I had a thought that was rather foreign to me: I’m going to train for the More Magazine Half-Marathon. For those of you not addicted to running, as I was not, a half-marathon is 13.2 miles. Participants can walk or run or do any combination thereof, but they must do whatever it is they’re doing to cross that finish line in three hours or less. Before I had a chance to think this through–that is, before I had my morning tea–I told More Magazine I’d blog about training for their half-marathon. As if that wasn’t enough Krazy Glue on my sneakers, I registered for the event. Now I had to do it.

I started training a few weeks ago, and here’s the good news: I love it. I’ve already cut five minutes off my time and lost two-and-a-half pounds of cookies off the truck. I’m still enjoying sweets and baked goods, but in moderation, and I’m burning them off.

Have any of you ever run or walked a race? What was your strategy? This beginner needs your help! And, of course, if you have any cookie recipes to share, now I’m even happier to post those too… And if any of you want in on the action, read about it here!