The sleepy, restful holidays are most definitely ovah. Yesterday I got great news that LX New York, NBC’s live-at-five style show, wants me to do a segment on Mom’s Version of Great-Great Grandmother Matilde’s Baked Pork Chops! This is verrrry exciting stuff. I suggested that recipe because it’s hearty for winter and very simple to make (see page 17 of Cherries in Winter), and then I got a crash course in TV Cooking 101 from the show’s producer. Apparently, easy pork chop recipes are suddenly difficult when one is making them on live TV. (Rachel Ray, you make it look so effortless!)

So last night I was practicing my pork chop close-ups when I also heard that a New York Times reporter wants to interview me about Cherries. If excitement could singe pork chops, these were well-done.

That interview is happening today, a few hours before I do another interview with Wisconsin Public Radio (hellooooooo, Wisconsin! I love that chilly, cheeze-crazy state!). And if I can get one more plate spinning in the air, today was one of my training days for the More Magazine Half-Marathon. (Check out my latest blog, an ode to good sports bras, here.) I’m on Week 4 of my training schedule, pacing myself and keeping my knees, feet, and all other body parts in good working order so I don’t become an ibuprofen junkie.

I credit the running (well, at this point it’s more like a spirited jog) with whatever sanity I have during this busy week. I’m so into this running/walking thing, I live to get on that treadmill. If I have a big day full of testing pork chops and talking to lovely interviewers and figuring out what Nathan might like for dinner (chili tonight, Hubby bunny), I get up a little earlier and get that run in. Those 30 or so minutes get all the nuttiness, and some calories, out and make me feel calm, serene, and grateful for a body that can do this.

I’ll let you know when the Times piece will run, and the LX New York segment airs this Monday, January 11 at 5:40 p.m. EST. And you let me know: Are any of you going to run/walk with me at the More Half Marathon on April 25 in Central Park?

My grandparents' farm house in Saratoga Springs, around 1942. This would definitely have been challenging weather for half-marathon training.