I love working at home on my own. I get a lot done, and I can wear my sweatpants all day and not feel (too) self-conscious. But one of the things I miss about working in a company is talking with other human beings. I love the cats dearly, but they’re just not that into The Biggest Loser.

So, since I’m here and you’re here, maybe we can have a little virtual office chat from time to time. For instance, the other day I posted a random question on my Facebook page: Are the trainers on The Biggest Loser being tough love, or are they just big bullies? I mean, they can be so cruel sometimes, but when people have life-threatening weight issues, are they being cruel to be kind?

Sue from New Jersey (full disclosure: my cousin) said it wasn’t the meanness of the trainers that bugs her about TBL, but all the addition of the drama. she said. “I have enough drama in my life–I don’t need anyone else’s!” Stephanie from Manhattan wrote, “I would be slightly more likely to watch if the guys would keep their shirts on.” As for me, besides the mean trainer thing, I just can’t deal with all the product placement (“If you guys had used these Zip-loc baggies, the fruit wouldn’t have gone bad!” “Whatcha makin’ there?” “A Yoplait smoothie, Bob!”), but I guess the sponsors have to get their sales pitch in there somehow, because they know darn well that the Hubbins can’t forward through the commercials fast enough.

Do you watch The Biggest Loser? Do you love Jillian and Bob or think they’re going to have some explaining to do on Judgment Day? Do you work at home, and, if so, do you actually get dressed or just do the sweatpants? And do you leave the house in your sweatpants? I need to know…

"Aaaaiiiiieee! Those Biggest Loser trainers are so mean to me!"