Maybe, after slaving at a job for years and then being unceremoniously canned one day, you’ve wondered whether what you do makes any difference in this world. (Or maybe you’re well-adjusted and that was just me.) Watch this video from animal rescue site Camp Cocker and you’ll know how powerful even your smallest actions can be. Heads-up, the clip rates a 4.5 on the Kleenex Meter.

Update: My friend Donna called and left quite a weepy message on my voice mail after watching this video, and the Hubbins couldn’t even make it to the end. Maybe I should upgrade it to a 6? I swear it has a happy ending and a powerful message, but please don’t say I didn’t let you know that the mascara would run like black rivers down your cheeks and make you look like Alice Cooper. Or, again, maybe that was just me.