Sure, it's winter now, but these are right around the corner.

When I first got laid off, Mondays were…interesting. I definitely spun the emotional wheel between relief that I didn’t have to get all freaked out about being late for work, fear about whether I’d ever find work again, and a whole lot of other emotions I didn’t bother trying to name because I was too busy doing a lot of emotional eating. (Kitchen hint: Close the fridge door while ramming food into face.)

Sometimes I’d go grocery shopping because, really, that’s the best time to do it; who’s going to be at the supermarket during the Monday morning rush hour? Talk about zero lines. So I’d schlep my little granny cart through the streets while stressy-looking people rushed around me to catch the next train in to the city. I didn’t envy them their steady paychecks or chortle maniacally over my freedom. I just thought about what I’d do with what I’d been given.

I’ve heard that sometimes the best gifts come poorly wrapped. (Especially if they’ve been wrapped by me; one job I know I’ll never qualify for is department store gift wrapper.) I’ve tested this little piece of tea bag-label wisdom and can give it my highest Consumer Reports thumbs-up for truth. I had one long-term, on-off, up-down relationship finally disintegrate, and nine months later I met the man who would become the Hubbins. I got laid off a year and a half ago, and that gave me time with my parents and the Hubbins. That led me to being able to put a check mark by one of the biggest Someday I’m Gonnas of my life: writing a book about my family.

I don’t know whether it comes down to acceptance, a healthy perspective, or adding more fiber to my diet, but not taking change at face value has definitely made me happier. I think it might be about transformation; how do you take what seems like a negative experience and put a positive spin on it? Instead of the theory of relativity, maybe it’s the theory of positivity: L=la2 (lemons to lemonade. But the kind with real sugar, not high f*ctose corn syrup).

If some big change has landed unexpectedly with a grand thud on your doorstep, maybe wrapped in some truly uggo-looking paper, I’d love to hear what you’ve done with it. Meanwhile, enjoy your Monday, whatever your status.

Tootsie chooses to sleep in on Mondays. And Tuesdays. Pretty much the rest of the week, too.