You can see why we love this little supermodel. However, she's not our dog...

When my friend Geri is having a bad day, she’ll say, “Aghhh… I’m losing my will to live.” I wouldn’t say I’m quite there, but I’ve definitely lost my will to get out of my pajamas.

This sunnyside-down feeling started on Sunday, when I did what I thought was a good deed. My friend Pam found a wild shih-tzu wandering the streets—well, maybe he wasn’t wild, exactly, because he did have a collar and he was super-friendly, but he’d definitely been abandoned. She took him in and nicknamed him Pookie. Her five cats put a price on Pookie’s head and made chasing him their mission in life. Good-natured fellow that he is, Poox thought it was a game and chased them back. Oh, kitty misery and puppy joy.

Pam followed all the proper procedures to see if he was a lost dog, but the only calls she got were the “What are you wearing, heh heh heh” kind. Then she started working hard to find a home for Pookie (who by now was also going by a less-convincing alias, “Petey,” possibly to throw the cats off his trail). When she posted his que adorable photos on Facebook, I asked the Hubbins if we could get a dog.

(You’re wondering about the photos of the sweet Beagle I’ve posted? That’s our neighbors’ dog, Isabel. We get to dog-sit her occasionally when her parent-owners go away. The Hubbins and I have been cat people all our lives, but one weekend with Isabel turned us into dog-obsessed fools, cooing in amazement over the softness of her ears and each wag of her tail. Her parents returned home and had the temerity to ask for their dog back, and eventually we had to surrender her. The Hubbins and I were depressed for days. As for the handsome golden Lab, Teddy, that you’ve seen here, he belongs to our friend Michael. Which means I’ve been enviously photographing and kvelling over other people’s dogs. You can probably see where this is going…even if it’s taken me a while.)

The Hubbins was on board with the idea of adding the Pookster to our two-kitty household. (The kitties were not, but we voted them down because we open the cans.) Pam thought this was great news, especially since Pookie’s latest offensive in the cat wars was to pee in every corner of her house to mark “his” territory.

I told friends of mine about Pam finding the dog, and one guy’s eyes lit up. “Pam found a dog? Where? Oh, I miss having a dog… My wife and I have always had dogs, and last year we lost our Cocker Spaniel. We miss him so much—we’ve always had a little guy around the house, and now….” I didn’t hear the rest of the speech because this time, I saw clearly where the story was going.

Long story short, my buddy went to meet Pookie/Petey/Cat Target over the weekend. Now the Pookmeister will be the proud owner of two new parents, a leather dog bed, and his own drawer for his toys and clothes (nations that dress their animals: nutty). Upon hearing about Poox’s good fortune, another friend asked if he might need a roommate.

The Hubbins and I were totally thrilled for my friend and the P-Man (a name that, considering his preferred method for saying “That’s my space!”, fits him best). Unfortunately, we were also totally bummed that we didn’t have our own little dog to buy sweaters for and take ridiculous amounts of photos of, like other childless, dog-obsessed couples do.

Long story longer: I may have lost my will to get out of my pajamas, I may have lost my usual Little Suzie Sunshine turn-that-frown-upside-down attitude, but by golly (yes, I did just say that), I’m doing the work. The Hubbins and I have been on looking for a dog—our dog. Not our neighbors’ dog, not the dog that was obviously meant to go to a home that would take him from sleeping on the freezing streets to a bed all his own—a freakin’ leather bed, for Petey’s sake. But a dog that can be really, truly ours.

Wish us luck.