In December, I announced rather publicly that I was going to do the More Half-Marathon in April. I dutifully (and unusually, for me) printed out the training schedule and started following it to the letter. I discovered that I loved running, got totally high off it, was able to eat more (yay!), and even noticed that my thighs were–merciful heavens, it’s a miracle–getting slimmer.

So you’d think I would’ve stuck with it, right? Erm. Hm. Well.

Monday was supposed to have been a training day; the little calendar square read RUN. I kept staring at it, hoping the word RUN would change into YOGA or, better, REST. But even taking my glasses off did nothing to change the fact that I was supposed to RUN, not BLOW IT OFF. That’s what I did, though; I just couldn’t drag myself to the gym and get on that treadmill. (Lest you think me a complete slug, I practically fell with joy on my yoga mat for a blissful half hour.)

I know that missing one day in my training schedule is no big deal, but it got me thinking (uh oh) about all the projects I start and somehow never finish. I find something, embrace it until both whatever it is and I can’t breathe, and then let it drop, lifeless, to the floor. Here are a few of the Amazing New Things that were going to Totally Change My Life that very well might have, if I’d kept up with them:

The Rosetta Stone Spanish language Level 1 program: Being half Spanish, I figured I should know how to speak the language. (Why is it that, being half Irish, I was never moved to learn Gaelic?) I should tell you that I’ve taken Spanish courses, read Spanish language instruction books, and generally tried really hard to learn Spanish. For a while. Then, like the dogs in Up–“SQUIRREL!”–something distracts me. The Rosetta Stone program was really great and I was doing it for half an hour every day, until I didn’t. Now it sits on the shelf, gathering el polvo.

Running the More Half-Marathon: We already discussed this, and I’m not going to chagrin myself again.

The Artist’s Way: I dug this little gem out because I’ve been writing my next book, and I need something that will get me to the next level of truly honest, this-is-my-heart-these-are-my-guts style writing. This book promises to do just that, and this will be the third–yes, third–time I’ve started to work the program. (This particular copy has a lot of dog-eared pages and highlighted paragraphs because it belongs to the Hubbins, who read the entire book and finished the entire program. That nut.)

I’ve discovered that making a public declaration of my intentions has been really instrumental in motivating me to do what I say I’m going to do. I attribute this to my inordinately large fear of embarrassment and dread of mortification. So, here I am, stating to anyone reading this:

I am going to keep training to run that More Half-Marathon.

I am going to work the Artist’s Way program, all 12 weeks of it, starting this week.

I am…not going to make any promises about that Rosetta Stone thing because between training, writing, Artist’s Way-ing, hopefully getting a new dog (still in progress! News to come soon), hanging out with the beloved Hubbins, and getting through a pile of roughly 100 magazines that need to be read before I’ll let them go to the recycling bin, I just don’t think I have the juice to learn how to habla espanol.

Maybe next year.