You all know I begin and end my day with a gratitude list. They’re wonderful, and they never fail to put me in a good mood. But there’s gratitude, and then there’s luuuuuuuuve, when you love something so much that you heart it (yes, imagine the heart shape glowing over your head), whatever it is.

So this week is “I Heart” week, starting with bloggers. Specifically, these ladies, who recently read Cherries and…they totally hearted it! (Listen, if “Google” can be a verb, then so can “heart.”) Many thanks to Laura of White Spray Paint, to Renee of Sewn With Grace, and to dear Lisa of Hospitable Pursuits, the fabulous blogger who chose Cherries as her book club pick and started it all. A virtual book club–I think that’s great!

In fact, I heart it major. Thanks, bloggers!