I used to use one exclamation point. I mean, isn’t one enough emphasis? But lately I’ve been noticing a trend in people using two (!!) exclamation points. Initially, I thought: overkill. Then it seemed cute. And now I see cases where one “!” is just not enough.

As I wrote on The Huffington Post, this has been kind of a “feh” week for me. I had a lot of insurance work to do. I found out that yes, I can add new chapters to the paperback version of Cherries in Winter–but I have to write them in the next three weeks. Hooooo nelly. Our newly adopted beagle, Bella, is only happy when she’s at the dog run, playing with other canines. I found out recently that beagles don’t exactly thrive in apartments as single dogs. And we still have a hole in our bedroom ceiling thanks to the leaks, which are probably doing a great job of growing mold as well as weakening the sheetrock. How ironic that it should be “I Heart” week on my li’l ol’ blog while so much “feh” was going on.


The only known cure for the “feh” state? Cake.

I’m about to give a huge thank you to Nora Schultz of Naturally Nora cake and icing mixes. I received a sample box of Nora’s goods, and to say they were good is an understatement. Not only are these baked goods great, but they have nothing–NADA–in them that you wouldn’t put in a cake you were making from scratch. In fact, I don’t believe any of her ingredients has more than three syllables (whoops, forgot about “baking soda”). Hence the “Naturally” part of the name.


Why use a mix, when I can make the real deal myself? Two reasons: 1) Nora’s cake is better than what I make, and The Hubbins will back me on that; 2) I was, and am, in too far a “feh” state to make my own.

If there’s anything better than great cake, it’s FREE great cake. And we have it here on (drumroll, maestro) the very first Cherries in Winter Cake Giveaway! Naturally Nora has generously offered samples of her glorious cake and icing mixes to the first five people who leave comments here. No, I’m not even going to make you ask a question or give me a recipe or anything. Just leave a comment. Something nice, please; I’m very sensitive. Especially this week.

So, free cake!! (That’s deserving of two exclamation points, don’t you think?)