Many thanks to all of you who felt my “feh” last week. As I wrote about here, I was in a grand funk and had no real desire to get out of it. And I think that’s what helped me finally get out of it. I neither tried to kill the “feh” state, nor did I feed it.

Well, that’s a total lie–if I wasn’t feeding the “feh,” I was certainly feeding my face, self-medicating all the way. My drug of choice? SUGAR. Yep, the ol’ White Debbil was a constant visitor to our leaky home last week. The Hubbins, whose handsome head is loaded with not one sweet tooth but 36 of them, arrived home one night with a bag from Crumbs cupcakes. He’d scored not only the Squiggle (Crumbs’s version of a Hostess cupcake) but a S’Mores as well. And these weren’t the miniatures; we’re talking the full-sized, 520-calories-each versions. We’d had a rough week. The only thing I can say in our defense is that we spread the two sugar bombs out over two nights.

Then, as part of “I Heart” week, I made one of Naturally Nora’s chocolate cakes. Well, I had to, didn’t I? I mean, I asked Nora if we could do a cake giveaway here on, and a picture of a luscious chocolate cake is worth a thousand of my words, so I had to bake said cake to take photos of it for the blog. (Winners of the giveaway to be announced tomorrow!)

True, I didn’t have to eat most of the cake. And I for sure didn’t have to eat the rest of the frosting when having anxious moments. Straight out of the measuring cup. With my fingers. (Have I said too much? Oh dear.)

Additionally, we had enablers–excuse me, friends over for dinner on Saturday, and they came bearing brownies and Snickerdoodle cookies. It would have been incredibly rude of me not to eat their offerings. It was almost rude the way I ate them, and certainly the amount I ate was borderline gauche.

And I don’t care! That’s right, I’m not going to beat myself up about eating too much sugar. What’s the point? I’ll just whoop myself right back into “feh” territory, or worse. Beating myself up is one hobby I’m happy to give up. Besides, this isn’t frettin’ weather–the sun is out, the fog of “feh” has been lifted, and today’s a fine day to pick up the yoga mat and put down the sugar…

As soon as I’m done baking cookies for The Beach Babes, a book group in Ohio that I’ll be doing a Skype discussion with this week. And that’s not “feh”; that’s fabulous!