According to the song, the past few weeks have been the most wonderful time of the year. Next, we sing auld lang syne and make a lot of promises we really intend to keep (and that will be let go of by February). So what should we sing during these next few days in between the December holidays and New Year’s Day?

It’s a reflective time of year–time to look back on what was done and what wasn’t. Honestly, since many of us were almost un-done by The Great Recession, I suggest having a zero balance on your regret card. This was a tough year by anyone’s standards; resolutions we used to worry about are now luxury problems. Lose weight? Get in shape? We’re lucky if we didn’t lose our jobs or homes–or, if we did, we’re really lucky if we were able to look on the possibility that there might be a bright side.

I lost my job in September 2008, and since then I can honestly say I’ve had one of the best years of my life. I spent more time with my family. I achieved a career-long dream of writing a book (Cherries in Winter, in case you’re new to this blog). I learned how to cook reasonably well, and my husband is the appreciative beneficiary of my new demi-skill. I also made a lot of new friends–all the people who have been kind enough to visit this site, and to write to me to tell me about their families after they read Cherries in Winter.

My in-between holiday song of choice is going to be “My Way,” especially for these lines: “Regrets/I’ve had a few/But then again/Too few to mention.” What’s your in-between holiday song going to be?
Buddha sez: "Hey, don't sweat it. This too shall pass." (I'm paraphrasing.)


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