I want to be as funny as he is, but not necessarily look like him. Well, maybe that wouldn't be bad either.

So I’m going to be in Philadelphia this Sunday, April 11, at Bridget Foy’s restaurant. No, not just eating their great food… I’m doing my first-ever reading from Cherries in Winter as part of Philly’s First Person Arts Festival! The reading (and book signing) will be held at Bridget Foy’s, 200 South Street, at 6 pm. That night’s special menu is adapted from the recipes in the book–okay, how excited am I right now? Very. Very very. I just hope I get a chance to eat some of the food during the reading. Is that declassé? Oh dear. Well, while I mull that over, you can read about the event here.

Even more exciting: First Person Arts ran a contest for people to send in their family recipes and the stories behind them–just like in the book, don’tcha know. The winners will be featured right here on cherriesinwinter.com! Stay tuned, because they’re going to be really good. In fact, I’m pre-jealous of how much you’re going to love these blog entries, as compared to mine.

About the reading: I am a) excited; b) thrilled; c) honored; d) a little nervous; e) somewhat confused as to how to prepare for such an event; d) all of the above. So I’m asking for your help. What chapter, or parts of the book, do you think would be best for the reading? If you were going to be at Bridget Foy’s on Sunday night–and I really hope you will!–what part of the book would you most want to hear? Some possible candidates include:

* My bungle of Nana’s lemon meringue pie recipe

* Conversations with Mom while we make meatloaf

* “Rigatoni Disoccupati,” aka Pasta of the Unemployed, the dinner I served the night I got laid off from my job. (On second thought, this might not be the best chapter to read, as some people did not realize that this “recipe” was a joke. Okay, so I’m not the next Eddie Izzard, and I do hope my makeup is a little more natural-looking than his, but honestly: who would put rigatoni with spaghetti sauce from a jar as an actual recipe? I mean, aren’t there ethics committees that punish people who do that sort of thing, unless it’s clearly meant as humor?)

Okay, back to the issue at hand… If any of you have a suggestion about what I could read at this, my first-ever reading at the prestigious First Person Arts Festival, please help me! Because I can use all the help, and humor, I can get…

(Photo of Eddie Izzard courtesy of Special Kay Baker’s page on nerdfighters.ning.com. No, they’re not friends of mine, but I thank them for the fantastic screen grab of my favorite comedian Eddie Izzard just the same.)


The half-pound cake smiles for its close-up.

Just a few random thoughts before I head to my parents’ house to try to teach Mom how to blog (! I love that she wants to learn how to do this):

* I’m still grooving on this fabulous interview with the wonderful Faith Middleton on Connecticut Public Radio. I’ve been a fan of hers for a while, so it was pretty amazing to be able to do this great show on Cherries in Winter with her. Thanks, Faith!

* I was not grooving nearly as much on the various recipes I found for Lemon Poppyseed Pound Cake. Four sticks of butter? Five eggs? Is there a free trip to the hospital after that? Finally I found a sane recipe I could improve upon, so tomorrow I’ll be posting my recipe for Lemon Poppyseed Half-Pound Cake.

* I found a really cool website that has coupons (and more coupons!), and they also gave my book a nice thumbs-up. Thanks, DeAnna!

* Another radio note: Yesterday I was a guest at Cosmo Radio, home of The World’s Most Dangerous Flirt–that would be Patrick, host of “Cocktails With Patrick.” If you have Sirius/XM Radio, you must check this show out; it starts at 5 pm EST. Unfortunately CR doesn’t do links to their guests’ appearances, but this was so much fun I wanted to give them a shout-out anyway. I hope Patrick and his producer Lea enjoyed the butter cookies!

Okay, off to Mom’s for a computer tutorial. Talk about the near-sighted leading the bifocaled… Come back tomorrow for that recipe!